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MPI Gateway How-To Overview

MPI Gateway How-To Overview

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to run a sale, run a refund on batched transactions, and batch report through the MPI Gateway Virtual Terminal.

Running a Sale 

  1. Once logged into your MPI Gateway account, select the virtual terminal from the left hand side. 
  2. Select your payment method as credit card and your transaction type as sale. 
  3. Enter the amount of your sale. 
  4. Type in the credit card credentials and select process. 
  5. A receipt will be generated for you to download, print, or email. 

Running a refund on batched transactions 

 With the MPI Gateway, you will be able to easily run refunds on cards that have been batched out. 

  1. In your MPI gateway account select find transaction. Here you can input any information you may possibly have. Today we will just be using a date range. 
  2. Select search. You will see all the transactions that have been run in the date range provided. 
  3. Find the transaction that needs to be refunded. 
  4. On the far left of the transaction you will see a curved arrow pointing left. This is your refund key. Select the arrow and confirm your amount. 
  5. Select process to submit the refund.
  6.  A receipt will be generated for you to download, print or email.

 Batched reporting  

  1. in your MPI gateway account select batched management from the left hand side. here you will see any unbatched transactions in real time as well as previous batches. Here you see a one step transaction that has not been batched out 
  2. In the settle batches tab you can find your previous batches. Clicking on the settled batches will show all the transactions in that batch for easier reconciliation.
  3.  From the unsettled batches tab you can capture the transactions by selecting submit for settlement. 
  4. After refreshing you will find your new batch in the settled batches tab. 


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